• Joan Amat Managing Director

    Joan started out studying multimedia and photography.  His professional career began at a small video company in Barcelona as an editor. Two years later he moved to an advertising agency as a producer and editor. Throughout these formative years the visual effects process always fascinated him. This interest led him to meet Xavi Tribó and David Gómez and they have been close associates ever since. In 2006 he decided to move to Madrid to take a Masters of Postproduction with Advanced Systems of Autodesk.

    After 5 years in Madrid he was lured back to Barcelona to head up Production at Glassworks Barcelona.

  • Xavi Tribo Head of Technology

    Barcelona post-production facilities have shared one common factor over the years:  Xavi Tribo, who was Technical Director and head of R&D projects in the best post-production companies in Spain.

    Xavi has always been at the forefront of emerging technology, developing the first digital cinema viewing system in Europe for Paul Newman's "Where the money is" in 2001 and the first European Stereo Image Processor in 2008. He was also responsible for the transition from 35mm to a solely digital workflow for the San Sebastian Film Festival.

    We are very proud to have him join our team at Glassworks as Head of Technology, leading the way beyond traditional workflows and delivery formats.

  • Ruben Llusia Head of 2D

    Rubén comenzó en Glassworks London en 2009 y acabó trasladándose de nuevo a casa en Barcelona en 2013. Ha trabajado en distintos proyectos durante estos 9 años en Glassworks. La experiencia obtenida al trabajar en las oficinas de Londres y Amsterdam junto con su increíble talento, le han convertido en uno de los mejores compositores/supervisores de VFX de Europa.

    About 2D
  • Javier Verdugo Head of 3D

    Barcelona's Head of 3D Javier could draw before he could walk or talk. This passion for art led him to study Fine Art in Granada and then Graphic Design in Holland. After several years working all over the world on artistic projects, he settled in Barcelona to complete his training in the Post-Production world. Here he has worked for various studios and advertising agencies, combining character design, 3D modelling, animation and illustration.

    Although the computer is now his professional tool, he still turns to paper and pencil wherever possible. His artistic training and knowledge in multiple graphic techniques gives him a creative and personal approach. He is always open to experimentation and innovation, looking for imaginative solutions for him and his team that enrich the project.

    About 3D