The Foundry presents...Glassworks at the OFFF Festival 2016

GlassworksVFX team Javier Verdugo (Head of 3D at Glassworks Barcelona), David Gomez (Head of 2D at Glassworks Barcelona) and Jordi Bares (Creative Director at Glassworks London) participated in the OFFF Festival in Barcelona.

Invited by The Foundry co-sponsors of the event, Glassworks talked the talk on the discussions panel about two recent projects created with both Nuke and Mari: The film 'A Monster Calls' and TV commercial Visa 'The Heart' campaign.

Jordi Barés revealed how Glassworks and the Heartworks medical division worked together in creating the most realistic heart model and animation, directed by Juan Cabral.

Joining him on the stage Javier Verdugo and David Gómez gave an exclusive sneak preview presentation on the visually outstanding drama from the acclaimed J A Bayona, A Monster Calls which will be is out this Autumn.

Go team!!