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Anchor Butter '125 Years'

About this video


Perfectly personified with a plectra of paraphernalia and timeless history,  Anchor Butter celebrates 125 years of their brand in elegance.  Directed by StyleWar (Stink) this commercial is ‘all Style’.  The innovative collective are renowned for their live action, 3D and animation work and based throughout the globe. 

Working with the Glassworks team to create an impeccable display, the beautiful cows are all either real (80% of them shot as live action) or anamatronically created and made to look real in flame.  All of them, however, brought to life by a brilliant idea created by Matt Pam and Simon Hipwell of CHI.


Glassworks team

  • 3D
    Andy Wilkin
  • 3D
    Richard Moss
  • Flame Lead
    Iain Murray
  • Flame
    Ruben Llusia
  • Flame Assist
    Andy Goodwin
  • Flame Assist
    Nina Mosand
  • Flame Assist
    Hani Abdalla
  • TK Colourist
    Ben Rogers
  • Producer
    Kirsty Rutherford
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