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Underworld 'Bird 1'

About this video

Decay never looked so beautiful as Dylan Kendle collaborates with the Glassworks team to generate this stunning music promo for Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, aka ‘Underworld’. Studio collective ‘Tomato’ are notorious for directing and generating previous videos including ‘Born Slippy’.  The new single 'Bird 1' is one of 7 other videos Tomato has collaborated on in the album.

“Carrying 3 shots over 8 minutes dictated an approach that encouraged the viewer to immerse themselves in the detail and inherent beauty of the imagery.”

The melting stop frame visuals are soft and minimal, surfacing with simplicity, yet containing a complexity and appreciation for nature and evolution. Just as this track advances and climaxes, so do the beautiful lilies burst into bloom. The idea of a 'non still life' was conceived, in part as a deliberately odd counterpoint to the driving techno track. A digital time-lapse studio shoot was set up by still life photographer, Peter Thiedeke, over 6 weeks.

The limited footage was carefully reframed and cut by editor Richard Anthony, bringing the flowers back to life in reaction to the music.  The edited footage was fed through to Flame Artist Duncan Horn who spent 8 days painstakingly grading the footage.

"We concentrated on grading stills from each setup, trying to make them look as if they had been painted, a little like those old botanical encyclopedia’s you find, then applying it to the moving footage allowing it to come to life."

All involved felt the beauty of this project is in it's simplicity.  Commissioned by Smith Hyde Productions, Underworld have been producing music for thirty years and this is another stunning example of music and visuals making a statement, may it continue…


Glassworks team

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