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Audi A6 'Manipulation'

About this video

Audi’s latest commercial ‘Manipulation’ is technically brilliant and a remarkable demonstration of the possibilities that lie within the realm of CG. Glassworks have successfully generated this stunning piece, exhibiting precision engineering, and we are not even talking about the car itself!  The making of this commercial is a true homage to the ‘Audi’ trade name, painstakingly and lovingly formed.   The project  was created by a dedicated team of seven, within the CG and 2D departments of Glassworks’ international facility.

Directed by Adam Berg (Stink) the whole process took three months and was undertaken with TK, Flame and 3D.  Working closely with Berg and BBH’s creative team (Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark, Dan Bailey and Bradley Woolf) the team first shot various types of malleable materials that gave good impressions of ‘pushing’ and ‘pulling’ as well as ‘depth’ and ‘pressure’.  The challenge for the expert CG team was to mirror these movements and create the illusion of milling and crafting the separate elements of this great machine out of aluminium.  The initial live action filming was essential for the development of the animation so that, when constructed in 3D, a sense of belief and reality remained in tact to the viewer.

‘The challenge was to make this commercial look believable yet still retain a magical element.'   (Misha Stanford-Harris  Managing Director)


Glassworks team

  • 3D Lead
    Nick Smalley
  • 3D
    Andreas Bystrom
  • 3D
    Vaclav Cizkovsky
  • 3D
    Stephen New
  • 3D
    Roman Kaelin
  • 3D
    Jon Bragado
  • Flame Lead
    Duncan Malcolm
  • Flame Assist
    Iain Murray
  • TK Colourist
    Ben Rogers
  • Producer
    Misha Stanford-Harris
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